Quarantine Project LAUNCHED. IFTTT for Ruuvi (Eddystone)

Hi everyone!

I posted a few months back about a beacon management dashboard that acts as a simple “ if this then that for proximity beacons ” ( i.e if an app user enters the range of the beacon → Trigger a webhook and send the “enter” event to Mixpanel ).

With the current self isolation order where I live, I was able to finally get it up and running!

It’s called SpotSense and you can try it out here

Right now it works for iOS and Android mobile apps, I’m adding React Native as I write this.

Next I think it’d be cool to adding sensor readings as a trigger on the platform i.e if the temperature falls below 32° → Send event to my Amazon S3 bucket, etc.

But I’d love to get your feedback first. I’ve been doing some cool home automation stuff with SpotSense and my Ruuvitags so I thought you guys would like it!

Let me know what you think! (Also if you’re interested in adding to SpotSense let me know!)


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That’s great news, When clicking the link I cannot see without logging in anything. Is this correct?

Hi Henri,

Yeah that’s right. This link takes you to the dashboard login page where you create an account. Once you create an account you can add the SDK to a iOS (Swift) or Android app. I put together a couple videos for adding the SDK. Takes about 10 minutes. Once you have it installed you can add beacons under the Locations > Beacon Tab. If you get a pop up for upgrading just hit the “Free Tier” button

Adding iOS SDK to sample app project

Adding Android SDK to sample app project