Put original firmware back


I programed several firmware but i can’t fine anyway to put the original firmware back. I could download the binary file from RuuviLab | Firmware Update which is actually made for DFUOTA.

Once the binary downloaded i wanted to put it “via” Segger IDE but it asks me for a “program load address” which i don’t know …

Any help will be apreciated :slight_smile:



Please flash https://github.com/ruuvi/ruuvitag_fw/releases/download/1.3.5/ruuvi_firmware_full_1.2.12.hex with nrfjprog.

SES support on SDK12 / ruuvitag_fw Github repository is experimental at best, I’d recommend using ARMGCC if you’re building on top of current firmware.

If you’re building entirely new application, you might be interested in our Firmware Friday blog series where we build firmware for the RuuviTag using SES on top of SDK15.

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it helps thanks :smile:

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