Project status: Ruuvi Gateway

I think here’s two different problems, a gateway with mobile connection and alerting. There are routers with mobile connectivity options, and the alerting can be done with e.g. server on the cloud, InfluxDB and Grafana.

We’re also working on our own backend for tag data,

Thanks for your input. Are you saying that there are no devices that could handle both the mobile network connection and the alerting directly to a mobile phone?

I’m sure there are plenty of devices which could handle the mobile connection and alerting, simplest choice is a mobile phone. Mobile phones aren’t too reliable long-term though. Some GPS trackers for example have Bluetooth scanning and alerting features.

Thanks. One of the best features of the Ruuvi tags is that they provide useful data without any effort from the user. When the Gateway becomes available, what will it do “out of the box”? For example, could we connect it to a PC through Ethernet and collect the tag data that way?

Out of the box the data will be sent to Ruuvi’s backend, but you can configure your own server such as LAN IP address. [EDIT]: There’s no fixed release date, I’d estimate GW is available Q4/2020 or Q1/2021. There’s always some risks in product development which may cause delays.

It would be very handy if the Gateway would have more modes than just one and they could be selected by pressing buttons just like in the tags.

There’s too much configuration options to select one with button presses, that’s why Gateway has a WiFi hotspot for browser-based configuration

OK. Great. I hope that when the Gateway is closer to its launch there will be more information and instructions available and also in a form that people like me - without deep understanding in the underlying technologies - can understand. That is what is so great with the tags!


Interested to hear, do you have any new estimates about availability? Q1/2021?


The next round of prototypes are currently being manufactured. At this point it’s too early to promise an exact delivery date, if e.g. certification laboratories are slowed down due to Covid we’re going to have a force majeure on commercial launch.

If you’re interested in buying prototypes for development, you can contact with details of your project and we’ll try to allocate some units for your use-case.


I am quite newbie with ruuvitag, got those as gift on Christmas.

I did install ruuvi-collector, grafana, influxdb to test its abilities on my old HP laptop with usb bluetooth dongle. Things seems to work good, instead of power consumption, noise of HP PC and also bluetooth range.

I am intrested in ruuvigateway as an product, but would like to here specs more. Does I still need external server PC if I want to use databases like influxDB to save long period data? So is it only router from bluetooth to IP traffic or does it has more hard disk space and intelligence?
I am currently intrested to save long period data so that I have later good basic understanding for addind home atuomation. I didn’t find those information yet

Thanks for regards


We’re developing a backend which will be integrated with Ruuvi Station app. We haven’t decided yet on what kind of integrations we will offer on the backend or how long periods of data we’re going to store.

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I have a few questions about ruuvi gateway.

-Does it have nrf52840 chip or newer?
-Is it open in the sense that we can flash our own firmware on it?
-Is it waterproof or at least water resistant?
-What is the expected price to public?
-Have I understood correctly that nb iot or mobile connections are not integrated?
-What is the price for a prototype?
-Is the hardware almost final or it could change in final version?
-did you measured antenna improvement in RX mode over ruuvi pcb antenna.

Thanks in advance!


nRF52811, which actually is newer if I recall correctly but has less RAM and Flash

Not really

@henri ^


We might have some units available at 250 € VAT 0%, including worldwide shipping. Contact if you’re interested.

It is almost final, we plan changes only if necessary for fixing issues in hardware.

We don’t have official laboratory tests yet, but we have received transmissions from RuuviTags at well over one kilometer range over a remote lake (i.e. as good environment as possible).

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Schedule will be published later, sign up here

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Hey everyone!

Sorry about not keeping this thread updated.

All is going well with the project. Pre-ordering started on our new website ~2 months ago and first devices are aimed to be shipped by the end of August. We’ll ship in first in first out order. Meaning, if you placed your order right away when pre-ordering became possible, you’ll get your device before others.

Yesterday electronics mass production started and everything is currently going smoothly, produced devices are passing all the production tests:

Our team is also working hard polishing the related software projects. Both mobile apps Android and iOS have Ruuvi cloud support already working (a hidden feature), our new web app is coming nicely together and the Gateway firmware is getting better and better. Also the serverless Ruuvi cloud backend is ticking well. You can follow the software projects here:

More info about Ruuvi Gateway is available here on our website:


Good news: yesterday we’ve shipped the first Ruuvi Gateway pre-orders!

Please note that we ship the Gateways first to the customers who placed their orders first. Once your order is being processed, you’ll get an email notification.

Another important thing:

We’ve created new forum categories for English and Finnish Ruuvi Gateway discussions. If you’ve got any questions related to the Gateway, feel free to create a new topic or reply on an existing one.