Prikka: Ruuvi Station gateway API for InfluxDB

Hey everyone!

I set up a small project titled “Prikka” that can act as a gateway API or proxy between the Ruuvi Station mobile application and InfluxDB and gather measurements from RuuviTags around a phone.

The application has been tested with a Docker deployment and pushes data to InfluxDB Cloud.

It is possible to run the backend on a Heroku Free plan and use the InfluxDB Cloud 2.0 free subscription for testing the project out without a cost or credit card if you are interested.

It should also be possible to run the project on serverless platforms such as lambdas or cloud functions with Node.js support.

The server is less than 100 lines of JavaScript code and runs on top of Node.js and Express.

The project has a MIT license for anyone who would like to explore or use it.

Ruuvi Station mobile application Gateway URL configuration

InfluxDB Cloud stock measurement catalog

InfluxDB Cloud example dashboard