Power supply

Hi everyone, some questions concerning the power supply of the gateway. I am using the sensors to measure temperature in different places of my RV to control the fridge and to prevent damage of the water system when outside temperatures drop below zero. The gateway would of course be very helpful for remote supervision, but the RV is built on a 12 Volt basis with USB A outlets at 5 Volt.
The questions:
What are the specs of the gateway for power input? Can I use it on a ordinary 5V-USB A plug?
As I assume there is no internal battery in the gateway, are there plans to produce one wih rechargable battery (preferably exchangeable 18650s)?
Cheers from Germany


5V USB A to USB C should be fine, but the charger should have at least 1 A peak current capacity.

The Gateway firmware is not optimized for battery use, but it has internal connector which could in theory accept backup power through a battery. We haven’t tested the Gateway with battery-powered operation in practice.

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Any plans to do so?

And how about average power consumption of the gateway? Would be nice to know in order to calculate the size of a power bank to cover a certain amount of operation time…
Battery operation could be very useful for RVs, glass houses etc. especially if the gateway gave a “low battery” alarm for an internal battery…

This is not currently on our roadmap, but we might start looking into it eventually

We do not have measurements of the current firmware, but I marked it on my TODO list and will update the Gateway documentation in coming months