POE Power Supply

I note the gateway has both a usb-c and an ethernet connection.
It would appear the ethernet connection is not POE so the USB-C is required for power.

Is there any concern with using a POE splitter (such as

GeeekPi Gigabit USB-C PoE Splitter 48V to 5V IEEE802.3af Power Over Ethernet for Raspberry Pi,Tablets, Dropcam(48V to 5V 2.4A))

that would provide the USB-C power from the POE ethernet connection (and eliminate one additional power cable and power source requirement)

Intended use is in OFF-GRID power station for monitoring and trying to reduce as much electrical overheads as possible (such as needing yet another USB dongle for power)

Hi @windviewer ,

A POE splitter will work for this perfectly and there shouldn’t be any concerns regarding using one.

have tried one out and works fine. thks

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