Please make Ruuvi Station for Mac OS X

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Would be lovely to get Ruuvi data to Macs.

Original poster
Otso Jousimaa


Dennis German
At least be able to sync log.
Many display options are currently with balda/ruuvitag-discovery and forwarding too.

  • frspp*
    Maybe web browser version because it works on all platforms. With ability to save/export current data and logs.

Otso Jousimaa
That would be interesting, I think Chrome BLE scanning is finally at a point where we could make entire Ruuvi Station run in a browser

Dennis German
If you are referring to the experimental features in chrome, I wrote an improved version for RuuviTags at and it worked very well. Some where alongg the way it stopped working. It includes a link to the googlecrome page and that no longer works either.

@dennis I can see Ruuvis with Web Bluetooth / Device Info Sample on macos11.2

Dennis German
@frspp Can you see them with the MyBeacons.inforuuviScal.html too?

I’ sure it used to work when I wrote it!

I’m on 11.3 MacBook Pro with Chrome 88.0.4324.96 as well as older macBookPro 10.11.6 and Chrome
Neither one reports any RUuviTags!

And I’m sure my old Mac book worked MUCH better then it does now too !!

Dennis German
On both systems the web page does not thing experimental web platform features are enabled but there are!

Dennis German
Sorry the old system denies that experimental features are enabled. The new system just doesn’t ever find ANY BLE devices.