Pi Zero Ruuvi Gateway implementations

Thanks for the comments @JON_BOY.

It’s true that cost effective complete professional-looking BLE-LTE gateways (especially open-source) are hardly available. RuuviTracker will fix this.

But as we need low-cost solutions today, what about if we would make RPi Zero W as the official RuuviTag BLE-WiFi gateway option? We’ve been thinking about this a while now and have tried to find alternative, “more professional” options. But they all seem to have their cons. Too expensive, only for big businesses, low build quality, shabby closed firmware, no CE/FCC/BTSIG certifications and the list goes on.

So we could make Zero W + official Pi Foundation casing available on Ruuvi Shop.

Maybe even shipped with a pre-flashed SD card which would have Bluewalker (?) + RuuviCollector + InfluxDB + Grafana preinstalled. Or at least we would maintain clear step to step instructions how to set it up.



What do you think?

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