Permanant cloud storage for your RuuviStation data and visualize historical data with grafana

We have grafana instance running where you can visualize your data collected by RuuviStations. Here are steps how to get access on it, if you would like to give it a try.

  1. Download RuuviStation from playstore
  2. Name some RuuviTags with RuuviStation
  3. Goto (preferably with your mobile phone)
  4. Create accout on it
  5. Create root application on it. Give your real email, if you want receive alarms later on from your Ruuvi beacons)
  6. Goto “tracker - credentials” from left menu (key icon on mobile view)
  7. Click “Enable Smart Logger”
  8. Scoll down to “Smart Sensor Server”-view and copy the URL
  9. Paste the URL to Ruuvi Station application (App Settings -> Gateway Settings)
  10. Get grafana credentials from (Under Smart-logger view from tracker-credentials tab)
  11. Goto grafana: and login with credentials
  12. It will take few mins before data is visible when you login first time

Or you follow the instruction on youtube: