Pairing fails with Bluetooth and nRf connect

I have no problem using Google’s Nearby to access my Ruuvitag device’s web page.

But pairing with Bluetooth, or bonding with nRf connect fails. It just doesn’t connect and doesn’t bond. I am on Android 6.01.

The log says Error 133 (0x85) GATT error

Anyone encountered similar problem.and have solved it?

Thank you!

Are you using the Weather Station application shipped with the device?

The weather station app is non-connectable. If you’re interested in configuring RuuviTag for a custom website, please try out the Eddystone demo available at

Please note that the Eddystone demo is not yet properly power optimized, and will use up the battery in a month or so. We are planning to update the firmware with proper power optimization later in January, please follow the Eddystone Thread to receive notification when update is available.

Yes I was. I flashed the Eddystone demo and it pairs up now. Thank you!