Out of the box ruuvitag broadcasts https://ruu.vi/setup

I received my batch of three ruuvitags today. As i already had one ruuvitag+ running, i expecred no problems. However, all three broadcast https://ruu.vi/setup instead of bradcasting weather station data (well, temperature at least). What should I do to get them working correctly.
Green light flashes about twice per second,

The Basic models ship with Eddystone firmware. You can configure Eddystone to to send TLM frames which contain the temperature or you can upload the weather station firmware found on ruu.vi/setup on your tags to use them as a weather station.

Otso, do I understand your message above correctly: Weatherstation firmware now supports Basic?

Responding to myself: installed the Weatherstation firmware and it works fine, thanks! Now if there just was a way to give each tag a name…

And the temperature looks accurate enough, too, at least with the cover open.

Hi! You can change the name of RuuviTag with nRF Connect (Android) app in boot mode!