Out of range notification

The primary reason I purchased my RuuviTag is anti-theft notification, but apparently, Ruuvi Station doesn’t notify me when my RuuviTag goes out of range.

Even if I set up an alert in Ruvi Station for the RSSI value, it’s useless because when going out of range, the last RSSI value will be seen by Ruuvi Station, and the value itself doesn’t change that much.

Is out of range notification something you plan?

Can you recommend a bluetooth beacon designed with anti-theft notification in mind?

Actually, this is a bit tricky feature to implement. Or well, the implementation is easy but what about false alarms?

We are continuously developing the app and surely we can make the alarm setups better. What is your suggestion? Smallest value in the slider would be “out of range”?


False alarms may inevitably happen every now and then when signal level drops. I don’t think they should be addressed in the app.

The “out of range” RSSI slider value sounds like the way to go. I think it’ll result in the least amount of UI clutter, and it’s intuitive.