One more argument for applying the breathing sticker to the outside of the case

We have already established that the little hole in the case can attract an unhealthy interest of birds resulting in the sticker being pierced or unstuck. I have also discovered that when you leave the tag outdoors open to the elements like snow or rain, water will gather in this hole effectively blocking the sticker from breathing, resulting in some wild pressure readings as the temperature goes up and down
In my opinion, applying the sticker on the outside of the box so that it’s (almost) level with the box surface will address both issues.

Not possible because datasheet of the stickers clearly describes which side should face to “the wet side”. But we’re continuously finding ways to enhance the product. This is the first revision.

Hmm, interesting! Do those stickers only come in one possible “flavor”? I can’t think of a technical reason why the glue side should always be the wet side…

To throw in my opinion into the discussion; I actually prefer having the sticker on the inside, as it’s more protected from physical damage there when throwing the tags around or attaching them to things that might hit something.

I’ve countered the ‘environmental factor’ by mounting my outdoor tags vertically so that the hole is on the side, facing sideways and slightly down (due to a bit loose mounting). My ‘outdoor tag’ has been outdoors now for over a year continuously, having all the typical environmental effects observed (sunny day, sudden heavy storms, hails, snow, rain, etc…) and none of them have caused issues so far with my mounting orientation.

I too have suffered from bird attack!

An alternative is to mount the current enclosure UPSIDE DOWN! (and change the sense of the Z axis accelerometer )

Although it requires retooling of the enclosure perhaps better solution is to put the hole in the bottom with the gore on the inside and add a few tiny bumps to the BOTTOM outside to permit airflow. (See also other enclosure suggestions)

Regarding Scrin’s vertical mounting, what will be the change in the RSSI (Received signal strength indication) better or worse?

For me the RSSI increased very slightly when mounting the tag so that the ‘top’ of the tag (where the hole is) is facing roughly towards my RPi3. The difference is so small that it’s not really an ‘acceptable scientific result’ though, but at least it didn’t become worse.