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Appears that on the latest Google Chrome update the Physical Web support has been removed. Read more:


You can find new physical web app on the store as in the following link. this one is actually great and does the job



It seems doesn’t work any more :frowning:
And quite clear message saying no longer working and no more available !

Note that Google has decided to discontinue also Android Nearby messages. All users are advised to use the RAW mode, not URL.

Perhaps mention that the Ruuviberry image doesn’t work with Rpi 3B+, only with 3B. Since 3B+ is the one being sold now. Or better: update the image.

Otso Jousimaa mentions it not working in the linked Medium post:

I have an issue concerning RuuviLab/DevShield and Espruino:
I need to reflash my RuuviTag using DevSield and NRF Connect. The probelm is that NRF Connect requires a hex file and on I can only find, which contains a bin and a dat file - no .hex file. Can you please also upload the corresponding hex file?
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I’m not Sure if Espruino publishes hex files, you need to upload the Zip with nRF Connect DFU tool.

Hello Otso,

Thanks for your quick reply.

If I’m not wrong, DFU works for OTA programming, which I can no longer do - I probably damaged RuuviTag’s OTA firmware feature. This is why I mentoned I need to use DevShield. In the mean time I found that I can also the Tag-Connect.

On the other hand, there are other hex files on But not for RuuviTag. So I would guess Espruino also publishes/works with hex files.

Let me also mentio that I tried to convert the bin to a hex file myself, following Hiwever, I didn’t get a good result - the nRF Connect (v.3.4.1) Programmer wrote the file to RuuviTag, but Ruuvi doesn’t behave as it should.

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You can restore the original Ruuvi firmware with devkit and then upload the Espruino with DFU

Thanks. I was also able to retrieve espruino_2v06_ruuvitag.hex on the espruino site, /binaries/

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