Official mbed Eddystone firmware by Google

Released an hour ago by Google.

RuuviTag support? Anyone? :wink:

“If you do port this to your platform, please consider a pull request so others can compile to your hardware.”

Here’s how I managed to compile and flash the linked mbed-eddystone code:

  1. Install Mbed ARM toolchain locally:
  2. “git clone” the eddystone repository
  3. Create new mbed project as instructed above
  4. Manually copy implementations/mbed/* under new mbed project at root level
  5. mbed complile -t GCC_ARM -m NRF52_DK

flashing was simple:
nrfjprog --family nrf52 --eraseall
nrfjprog --family nrf52 --program eddystone.hex
nrfjprog --family nrf52 -r

Development shield is required, as the mbed code is compiled with softdevice 2.0 and kickstarter devices have softdevice 3.1.

Beacon starts in connectable configuration mode after reset, led is blinking. Default unlock code is 00112233445566778899AABBCCDDEEFF. The beacon can be configured with nRF Beacon for Eddystone, I didn’t try web-bluetooth based apps.

To restore the RuuviTag afterwards, you need to flash softdevice s132 3.1 and Ruuvi Debug Bootloader,