Nordic's nRF IoT cloud

What do you think of this? @otso @Scrin @jari.isohanni and guys

This could be extremely useful in collecting data to cloud from the tags, as the gateway seems to have built-in support for a lot of BLE profiles.

This is something that makes getting started with IoT way easier. Still issues remains, but hopefully will be solved soon, gateway device and its software is often very problematic

Interesting concept, and it indeed seems useful both for beginners getting started with IoT things and more experienced users who don’t have the knowledge or will to set up their own “cloud setup”. I don’t match either of these (I’m the kind of person who likes to set up that kind of things on my own) so I’m not the best one for commenting on this, but I do believe that is useful and cool for most people who are in to IoT.

Anyone got this connected to a Ruvvitag running the RAW data?
I have got an Android phone connected to the nrf Gateway with three tags found but all are disconnected and an Error: (0x85) : GATT ERROR and Connection lost.
Any ideas?

The nRF Cloud requires a special firmware which reads the attributes over GATT, or at least I got that impression last time I looked into it.

It says eddystone is supported ans switching the tag firmware to that makes no difference to the connection error.