Node-ruuvitag module

I published a simple module in npm: node-ruuvitag

It’s for detecting nearby ruuviTags (running the default weather station firmware) and parsing their broadcasted sensor data with Node.js. Currently it supports only data formats 2 and 4 but I’d like to add support for data format 3 (high precision sensor mode), too. Any help would be appreciated!


Thanks for the awesome work. For format 3 please check out my github, please feel free to merge the code (let me know if you’re going to do it) or maybe I’ll open a pull request once I’ve time.

Thanks, I hadn’t come across this!

My module depens on eddystone-beacon-scanner but I’ll need to depend on noble directly to be able to read data format 3. When I sort that out, I’d like to re-use your code from