No sensor measurement data from API

I’m trying to retrieve sensor data using the user API.
I’ve successfully authenticated and have claimed the sensor (via MAC address).
When I use the URL to get sensor data (
The request is successful (HTTP 200) however there is no measurement data being returned (see response below).

Any ideas why no measurement data is coming back?

Many thanks,

“result”: “success”,
“data”: {
“sensor”: “XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX”,
“name”: “”,
“total”: 0,
“measurements”: [],
“table”: “prod-SensorDataReduced”,
“resolvedMode”: “sparse”

Hello @jferris,

Are you using Ruuvi Gateway to send the data to the network?

Hi Otso,

No I’m not using the Ruuvi Gateway.
Apologies I had missed that part.
So I need to use the Gateway to push data from local sensors to cloud data and then the User API will retrieve data from this?


Yes, the gateways are under development. Please send a bit more information about your project to, we might be able to arrange a prototype unit for you if you’re interested in developing something before everything is ready for official launch.

OK, great.
Thanks for your help.