No air pressure in Ruuvi tag?

Just received my 2 ruuvi tags (non pro) and both devices show up in Ruuvi Station (android), however there’s no air pressure. How come? The temperature and humidity do work fine though.

I upgraded the firmware upon receiving them as suggested by the app. Was I not supposed to?

Hello @Sensee ,

It’s possible that you have RuuviTag 3-in-1 devices which ship without air pressure sensor

Looking at the bill I received by email, that’s unfortunately the case :frowning:

Yet, I simply ordered the tag on the home page and thought I would get all sensors. I wasn’t even aware that a flavor of that regular sensor ships without air pressure sensor. Oh well.

I think this really wasn’t clear from the website that 2 flavors exist.


Sorry about the confusion. Please contact and we’ll see what we can do to make it right