NMEA sentences output

Hello! I’m trying to use the ruuvitag as a barometric pressure sensor for XCtrack, the flying android app. Xctrack can use bluetooth external sensors, has a list of supported sensors, but can use any sensor with this NMEA (like) sentences protocol:

  • $XCTRC
  • $LK8EX1
  • $LXWP0
  • $GPRMC
  • $GNRMC
  • $GPGGA
  • $GNGGA
  • PRS
  • _PRS
  • BAT
  • _BAT
  • $VARIO
  • $PFLAA
  • $PDGFTL1
  • $PTAS1
    Xctrack detects and link to the tag, but cant read the output data. Any way to set the data in NMEA format? Thanks for the help!!!