NFC not working on 2.5.9?

Not sure where to ask questions that will get answered, I have tried slack but it seems just that.

I have upgraded to 2.5.9 using nRF Connect.

I have always been curious of a way to see what version is installed so I tried using Decode to see firmware version using NFC. Well it does nothing.

On the tag before I updated it reported an ID but since update. nothing

My question is does NFC work on ruuvitag with firmware 2.5.9 and can we update the firmware docs to include checking firmware after an update?

Also at what voltage should the battery be changed?

There’s no ticket system for questions, so sometimes things slip through especially on Slack. On forum we get new post notifications so it’s easier to check if there’s a reply already.

NFC works on 2.5.9, this is tested on factory with every device.

Yes, @Marko ^

Depends on the environment, battery will read lower at colder temperatures. Most reliable indicator for the low battery is reboots as seen in measurement sequence counter, such as here:

@brosy Regarding battery: See FAQ : Battery

Thanks for the battery details @dgerman
2.5v was answer i was trying to track down

My battery is at 2.65 and before the update to 2.5.9 i was able to get an ID from NFC but now i cannot get anything.
Is there a correct way to test the NFC?

My phone is Iphone XS Max and i have tried updating a few times but nothing seems to get NFC working

ok finally got it working, had to hold the ruuvitag at top of phone (notch end) and use a different nfc reader (NXP Tagwriter) because Decode only showed ID

Great that it’s now working. I think there was also several answers in Slack under your question :slight_smile:

Thanks @henri for letting me know about slack, I went back and checked and see the forum feeds into slack. The forum was much more effective at resolving issue so think i will stick with it.

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