New user from Holland : Why so many post not in English?

Hi all,

I (Leendert from The Netherlands) bought this week a RuvviTag (and a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ for the BLE connectivity).
And made an account on this forum.
I want to connect with a Linux / Pi program.

Why are so many posts in “not English”?

Let’s learn from each other! :wink:

Leendert Vermeulen

Hey @leenve and welcome!

The forum has a separate category for Finnish discussion. In 2010-2015 Ruuvi was only in Finnish and recently we’ve migrated the old messages to this forum.


Thanks for the very quick reaction!


In the mean time I saw a separate “English” corner.

I’m very anxious about the quality and possibilities of the Ruuvi Tag.
I saw this product in a computer magazine here in Holland (Linux magazine).

Let’s keep in touch!