.NET tools for RuuviTag

I’ve started putting together some libraries on GitHub with the aim of making it as simple as possible to get started using RuuviTag and .NET regardless of platform. I’ve started with Windows 10 support via the Windows 10 SDK, but I aim to add Linux support via BlueZ when I get a chance.

Repository is here.

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Thanks, I added your project to our list of community projects here: GitHub - ruuvi/ruuvi.dependencies: Scripts to download Ruuvi community projects and dependencies of projects for offline use. Note that each dependency has their own licenses.

Thanks! I’ve now added Linux support via BlueZ as well.

Latest version includes the ability to configure the collector/publisher tool as a systemd service on Linux, and publish RuuviTag data to an MQTT server or an Azure Event Hub.

Instructions are available on GitHub!

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Thanks for the work you have done, i will try to test it. I can already say thanks for clear and well written instructions on the Git-Hub.

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