MSc thesis workers from Tampere University

Dear users of Ruuvi products,

I am Veikko Sariola, Associate Professor at Tampere University. I am responsible for the Biomedical Micro- and Nanodevices major of the Master’s Programme in Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering. The students graduate as Masters of Science in Technology, “diplomi-insinööri” in Finnish.

We are looking for MSc thesis topics for our students & thought that you users of Ruuvi products might have good ideas for suitable topics. Our students take courses in microsensors and wireless communication, so this would make them a good fit for Ruuvi products.

To get an idea of the scope of these small projects, the practical work for a MSc thesis should take approx. 4 months.

If you need a MSc thesis worker, please get in touch & we’ll advertise these topics to our students!

My email is of the form

Best regards,

  • Veikko Sariola

A great initiative. I hope you will get some proposals through our channels. I will be reposting this on some social channels too.