Monitoring App for Windows 7 64-bit

Anyone here know of a software program that will work with Windows 7 & USB Bluetooth 4.0+ adapters??

I have a bunch of tags in use for temperature monitoring…


I’m using BLED112 and python for monitoring BLE things but I don’t know normal BLE adapters will work under Windows for monitoring

I have a Bluetooth 4.0 LE USB adapter on order…What software are you using???

Sorry for late reply. Please mention me or press reply button on my message if you’re asking to me.
BLED112 is not BLE adapter. It’s like a BLE - USB UART bridge. I’m using custom python software written by me.
My software using PyGATT library to work. PyGATT working under Linux with normal BLE adapters but if you want to use Windows you need BGAPI compatible dongle like BLED112.
I don’t know any other solution. Maybe someone or Google can help you.

Ok Thanx…I put my Raspberry Pi 3 to use with the Ruuviberry image so I got it going…