Monitor varmit trap

I balanced a Ruuvi tag on its edge, on the top of the open door of a havahart ( HAVe-A-HeART, live capture) trap. As it sits in wait, the Z value of the accelerometer reports .000(+/-.150) (a small value) that is the Ruuvi is on its edge. When the trap is sprung Z reports as 1.000(+/-.150) since the Ruuvi has now fallen flat onto the ground and the Z axis is pointing up or -1.000(+/-.150 if Ruvi landed on its back!
See photos at and

Once you have a Ruuvi and a raspberry Pi (zero w) running Scrin’s ruuviCollector it’s easy to write a cron job to periodically use curl to
select last(accelerationZ) from ruuvi_measurements where mac='D3517872EC0F'
then parse the result and email an SMS message to your cell phone.
Let me know if you want help with something like this.

See Pi Zero Ruuvi Gateway implementations to download a ready-to-run SD card image.

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