Minew g1 BLE 5.0 gateway

Hi Guys

We order a few ruuvitags that we would like to deploy for commercial purposes. Now we are looking for a low-cost, but commercial, gateway to send the tag messages via https or mqtt to our server.

I found this minew GW for 60USD (for samples). Has anyone tried it with the Ruuvitag?




I’ve tested it and it worked just fine. The JSON data was somehow malformed two years ago so I had to use a dirty-json parser to get the actual payload, maybe Minew has fixed it by now.

Have you considered using the free Ruuvi Station in Gateway mode.
I have it running on a Fire HD android tablet and sending data from 6 tags each minute.
The gateway sends an html post with the sensor data in a json encoded structure, doesn’t take much to receive the post and store the data into a database
The other option of course is a raspberry Pi, however sounds like you don’t want a home brew setup

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Hi @AlanN thanks for the feedback and suggestion. I will consider Ruuvi Station in gateway mode (didn’t know about it). Perhaps I can use a dedicated android device to act the as the gateway. In some cases this would work nicely.

We will also do the PI with node-red to start with, wait for the Ruuvi Node and Tracker to be released as well.

I did run into this guy as well, Fanstel BWG832F , anyone familiar with it ? I only saw one mention of it on the forum here.

Hi TomZ,

I tested the Minew gateway over a year ago. When testing it I found the main issue was it would group all messages into one large json message, instead of indivual messages per tag, whilst not a majo issue it was annoying.

With setting it up it is quite easy as Minew has made a stripped down web interface which is easy to navigate.

Another limitation is the on PCB antenna, if the gateway offered better range it would be a better option then say a RPI Zero W but its range was not that great.

Very valuable feedback mate! Indeed I am after range first and foremost.

Hi Tomz.
Could you share me your experience on Fanstel BWG832F.
I am also interested. i want to know which server you are using for http/mqtt server.
Thanks in advance.

Haven’t gotten a sample yet, going to have a talk with them next week and will probably order one. Althoght I haven’t seen specifically it says BLE4.2 support in their doc so TBD.

Regarding mqtt server, what I use for many of my clients/projects is the open a
Source Mosquitto broker and node-red to listen and process the incoming messages. This works great on very minimal resources.

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Have a Fanstel and its not a ready to be used out of the box product.
We have use the Ingics GW for 1.5 year now and so far its the only solution that have the easy of use and stability that is good enough in a low cost production environment.
Have tested the Minew before, did not slip trough the needle eye.

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Thanks for the valuable feedback, more the reason to wait patiently for the upcoming RuuviGateway and why it will be essential in the limited BLE GW ecosystem.

Do you mind sharing a bit more about the type of deployments you do in production?

Its a basic Ruuvi (or other senor beacons) to Gateway (BLE) then GW to Cloud (SMQTT)
typical installations are 10 to 40 sensors and 2-5 gateways (because distance).

We have tested moko mkgw1 BLE gateway to work with ruuvi tags. Their operation is very stable. Maybe this can help you.