Measure your world with Ruuvi Tags and Particle Monitor One

Seamlessly blend Monitor One’s robust features with Ruuvi Tags’ versatility for enhanced insights.


This project enables you to transmit Ruuvi tag measurements to the Particle cloud using Monitor One.

Ruuvi Tags

With Ruuvi sensors you can measure temperature, air humidity, air pressure and movement at home, in your hobbies, or at work.

You can find them at

Particle Monitor One

A Field-Ready, Yet Customizable IoT Gateway. Track and manage assets with reliable and dynamic cellular connectivity (LTE CAT 1/LTE CAT M1) and BLE.

Read more about them here: Monitor One - A Rugged and Customizable IoT Gateway | Particle.

How this project works

Using BLE on the Monitor One, the firmware provided with this project scans for Ruuvi tags and sends the first tag found to the Particle Cloud.

Now, you can send this information to the Web Service of your choice via Particle Webhooks.

The cloud

Even if you do not configure any webhook, your Monitor One will publish this information to the cloud every now and then, depending on its configuration.

Use the Particle cloud console at to see it:

You can also request the information at any time with the {“cmd”:“get_loc”} command:

Wrap up

This project supports one Ruuvi tag but you can add as many as you like by modifying the code.

The code can also be used on other Particle devices like Argon (Wi-Fi), Photon 2 (Wi-Fi), Boron (Cellular), and Tracker One (Cellular).

Thank you!

Github source code

Hackster project

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Cool project, thank you for sharing.

I took a quick look at the code, it seems that you’re filtering for RuuviTags by Nordic UART Service UUID - this has some issues, as some other Bluetooth products use NUS as well and iOS phones can maintain GATT connection to a RuuviTag, which disables sending the NUS UUID for as long as the connection is maintained. If It is possible to filter by Ruuvi’s manufacturer ID in 0x0499 you’re going to have more reliable scanning, or your could try our beta-version firmware v3.32.0 which has a variant that sends Ruuvi sensor data service UUID as a part of advertisement packet.

Feel free to ping me if you have any questions or comments about integrating Ruuvi’s to Particle Cloud :slight_smile:

M.2 SoM Evaluation Board “Available mid February”? any update?

thank you for your comments.
Yes, I think it is possible to filter Ruuvi’s manufacturer ID 0x0499 as per your suggestions. I’ll look into that.
Thanks for the insights,

Hi, is this a Ruuvi or a Particle board (and question)?

@ gusgonnet I didn’t think M.2 SoM Evaluation Board had anything to do with Ruuvi. It’s just that i thought you might have the answer . I currently am using
Pycom GPY for and transferring the data via Hologram

You are talking about this one:

No, I do not have an answer for that.
I do not work for Particle either, I work with Particle products.

You can post your question on the Particle forum in that case:


That’s the one.
Thank you