Make it possible to whitelist MAC addresses on the Gateway web UI

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Otso Jousimaa


Dennis German
Otso: can you expand what you mean.

Lauri Jämsä
Seems that description was not moved from the original issue:

"In some cases it would be beneficial to being able to define which Ruuvi sensors (or other nearby Bluetooth broadcast transmitters) to forward via HTTP/MQTT. Some reasons:

  • Data plan and/or bandwidth of Gateway’s internet connection is limited and too many Ruuvi or other BLE devices around
  • Gateway is pushing data to a 3rd party server and unnecessary incoming data is causing extra load and requires additional filtering
  • A 3rd party server is used and use case requires Gateway to stay quiet by default and send any data only if a certain predefined BLE device(s) comes in the range of the Gateway

Dennis German
Both an inclusion and exclusion list would be helpful