Local data saving in the android app

Good morning,

As a new Ruuvi user, I am looking for a way in the Android app to save the paired devices with their settings locally.

I don’t find this setting.

If it doesn’t exist, please consider this post a feature request!

Ruuvi day excites me. Local setup was a breeze.

I have the data in the app and via BLE coupling with a ShellyPlus1PM in the MQTT of the ioBroker. (maximum effort 10 minutes)

As you can see in my other post, I’m still working on the direct connection to Homematic (without going through ioBroker).

I also read that the recovery (e.g. when reinstalling the app) is done via the cloud. Unfortunately, users who do not want to use the cloud are forgotten.

Thanks to the team behind ruuvi for the great product.

Happy sunday to you


If I’m understanding correctly, you’d like to have a feature where you can export the stored settings e.g. as JSON and import the setting JSON to other phone?

This is not on our roadmap, but please open a topic under feature requests topic with a clear description and we’ll see if it would be a popular feature. 🇬🇧 Feature Requests (voting) - Ruuvi Forum

Thank you,

i’ll do so.