Latest Ruuvi O Ring issue

I recently purchased 85 Ruuvi tags. I have noticed with the latest batch that the “lid” of the Ruuvi does not seat properly. This appears to be due to the o ring. In some cases, after sitting for a while, the lid pops nearly off. Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has had this issue with the latest batch as I never noticed it in previous Ruuvi.


Thank you for the report, @henri please take a look here.

Sorry for the troubles. There has not been any changes but it sound that the lid/o-ring has too much slippery grease. Drying lid/o-ring should fix the problem. When closing the enclosure make sure that it’s closed evenly from the both sides. Sometime if o-ring jumps out of the groove and it will case lid to open itself.

@otso @henri
Thank you both for the reply. No troubles at all. I will do as you suggest and hope for the best!

@henri UPDATE. In reality, it seems as though there is not enough grease. I have wiped a bit of silicon lube on the o-ring and it appears to have taken care of it.