Is there any free mesh/relay solution already?

I need to place a ruuvitag a bit outside the range of my Pi/RuuviCollector-based gateway. But there is another ruuvitag right between the two, within comfortable range of both. Now if only some firmware were available that would relay the signal of another tag. Is it? I’m afraid I’m not Wirepas target audience.

Fruitymesh might be a good fit for your needs:


Wow, thanks a lot!
So, if I read it correctly, it’s enough to flash a single tag (the one that’s between the Pi and the far-out tag) with this custom firmware, and it will start to relay the data from all tags it can connect to in a way that is totally transparent to the receiving end (RuuviCollector), as if it were receiving messages straight from the far-out tag?
Now if only it could be flashed over the air, as I don’t happen to have any hardware required to flash it… :wink: