Is there a way to (pre)order Ruuvi Node



Is there a way to (pre)order Ruuvi Node ?
If the answer is not yet , can you share some estimated timeline ?

Thank you


Not yet. We’ll update everyone once possible. We’re aiming to start first pilots Q3 and onwards.


Thanks @lauri & Ruuvi community for the work you’re doing in the open source/hardware space.

While waiting for the Ruuvi Node release, I’m thinking to build a small prototype myself that does the following:

  • gets data from Ruuvi beacon via Bluetooth.
  • sends the collected data to a cloud api (via https post for example).
  • sending data to cloud would be over an LTE module.

Would you recommend a pycom gpy (LTE+Bluetooth) combined with a set of Ruuvitags to build that ? Any other open source hardware/software alternatives would you recommend to check/consider ?


If it can listen BLE broadcasts reliably, then yes. If you’ll try it out, keep us posted how its scanning works :slightly_smiling_face: