Is there a Ruuvi manufacturer UUID?

I’m using nrf_ble_scan and want to filter out BLE advertisements from Ruuvi tags from other advertisements. When I asked in a Nordic Semiconductor group I got the answer that I can use the manufacturer UUID to filter. I’ve searched “everywhere” but I cannot find a manufacturer UUID for Ruuvi (NOT the manufacturer ID, which I know is 0x0499). Does it exist? Or is there any other UUID to use when filtering out Ruuvi tag BLE advertisements? Thank you in advance!
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Link to my question and the answer I got from Nordic:

The regular BLE advertisements sent by the tags include only two Advertising Data (AD) elements; one for flags (0x01) and one for manufacturer specific data (0xFF). The manufacturer specific data AD element includes the 16-bit manufacturer (UU)ID (also known as CiC, the Company Identifier), which for Ruuvi Innovations Ltd. is 0x0499 as you found. The post linked in the post that you linked seems to suggest using this value in the filter if I understood it correctly, although I’m not entirely sure whether the filter can be used to filter out the provided ID rather than filtering only for it

With an active scanning setup you can get additional responses from the tag, such as available service UUID’s but that’s a whole different thing and that only works on tags that are in connectible mode

@Kim Have you already seen this documentation (or similar)?

Thank you for your answers! Seems there is no way to filter Ruuvi tag using filter options in nrf_ble_scan.