Is the swamp too deep?

We have nearly 100 bird nesting boxes in several locations in north eastern New Jersey, USA. Every year they need to be cleaned out and repaired. Some are in areas that flood over 3 feet!

I am considering putting a ruuvi tag on a post at a 1 foot level (not too deep for wading boots). A raspberry pi zero W with battery-controlBoard-solarPanel, a witty-pi (startup/shutdown real time clock controller ) and cellular modem on top of the post.

The witty-pi will wake up the PiZW hourly and collect a few readings from the ruuvi tag. Of particular interest is the RSSI. As bluetooth is extremely attenuated by water a very significant variation or even perhaps complete loss of signal. PiZW will turn on the cell modem and transmit the samples (if any!) “home”.

The question is not an analog “how deep is the water” but rather is the water low enough to allow access (with boots).

Comments would be greatly appreciated.

You already know my thoughts on the waste of time watching unchanging data and paint drying.
A reliable warning system based on a low power system provided by solar charged batteries and cellular comms is what I need.
This widget sounds good. :slight_smile: