Is the Sauna hot?

So I try to manage a Sauna for our members and one idea I have had for quite some time is to enable our members to see if the sauna is hot or if they need to take the car and turn on the Sauna in advance.

I want it to be a simple and robust solution. So when I found the Ruuvi family of sensors and Gateway I sensed this was the right solution.
Using a simple Linux server to create a simple UI that looks like this.

I will see if I can add a temperature sensor for the water temperature (the sauna is just by the sea here of the west coast of Sweden).


Great. :+1:

If you find no solution for you water temperature, have a look on ShellyPlus1 with addon.

I think you can read the data from it with your linux server over the REST-API. :wink:

For the measurement DS18B20 is your friend.

Good luck.


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Thanx! I already have a set of those at home. I saw now that the sensor can be extended for up to 100 meters…it is much shorter to the sea here and I will have access to 230V as well.