Is RuuviTag damaged?

I bought your Tags but after taking out of the plastic folie between battery and electrical connection no diodes are blinking, I tried to reset it but without success. By keeping B and R buttons I cannot enter into bootloader mode neither. I have 5 pieces and with all of them I have the same problem. After checking with multimeter of batteries they are showing 3.3 V. Minus is from top. Please support me.

Hello mjurek,

Sorry about your problem. Every RuuviTag is factory tested and we check that leds light up before shipping, so something has gone wrong here. Just to be 100% sure, is the battery oriented so that + with text is downwards and - contacts the clip on top of the tag?

If yes, please contact and link this post, we’ll take it from there.

H thank you for your answer, I made three photos in order to show the problem. In my opinio it is so as you have written, please advice what should I do.


It looks physically ok to me. Please contact and we’ll figure out the next steps.

Resolved. RuuviTag is running, it has Wirepas firmware which doesn’t blink lights.

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