Is it possible to collect data from other sensors too?


We would like to collect data from other sensors, too. Is it possible to customize or extend the Gateway in a way that allows to collect BLE data from other devices, too? E.g. we want to build a sensor to collect the actual current, voltage, used power etc. and to use the Gateway for it would be ideal. So the gateway could be used as an universal BLE sensor collector?

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Gateway supports collecting data with one Manufacturer ID (default Ruuvi) or all beacons in range. If you enter advanced settings in Gateway configuration you can select to listen to all Bluetooth beacons.

Hello @otso ,
thanks for the reply.

And it is also possible to collect other data types like these of ruuvi, so any custom defined data types and values? Or is some special handling required for that?

We are thinking about to use the Bridge for collecting everything we will maybe add in the future. This question decides if we buy the Gateway, because it is an All-in-one solution or to build something own.

The Gateway sends received data as-is, so Gateway can read any kind of advertisement. Parsing the data is up to the backend, so you can add your own parsers to support your own data types.

Ok, thats nice. So it’s enough to implement the handling in the backend.