iPhone App - constant login required

Stay-logged-in toggle doesn’t work - app demands login each time it’s launched. Doesn’t accept face-ID. Extremely irritating, this should be a quick utility not a hunt through password records every time I use it.


That’s weird, something is wrong, we haven’t seen this behaviour before. What’s your app version? What about phone model and iOS version? Tagging @priyonto

iPhone 14ProMax (same behavior on prior phone iPhone XS) running iOS 16.0.3, Ruuvi Station English ver 1.3.0.

Hi @Diatom, Thank you for reporting and we really appreciate it. The issue you mentioned was never seen on our end. Would you be able to share a screenshot or record of that behavior please? That will help us to fix the issue. :slight_smile:

Mea culpa. The offending boat-related app is Victron Connect, not Ruuvi Station. A single instance upon iPhone upgrade got me confused. Ruuvi Station indeed stays logged in!


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