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I’m interested in using IoTool with a raspberry pi but there is no documentation on their site about this.

Hello. IoTool works on Android installed on RPI. Just grab any of Android distros fro RPI, install it and install IoTool.


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Hey, I’m trying to use Ruuvi Tag with IoTool on my Pocophone F1 and whenever app goes to background, then the Ruuvi tag seems to be disconnected. No live values anymore and no data in the historic graph also. Live readings will not come back until I restart the app.

Things I’ve tried already:

  • tested with internal IoTool with internal sensors - works fine, no missing data, so the app seems to be OK
  • turned on all permissions from the Android side to allow background run and autostart etc.
  • turned off battery saver for this app
  • turned on all background running and data collection checkboxes inside of IoTool app

BLE scanning with Android is somewhat moving target. It works differently on different Android versions and phone models. You could report this to IoTool, they might be able to fix the background scanning.

Thanks, already reported. I was hoping to get other’s experience.

So If I would like to get continuous raw data from the tag, then the best option would be using Ruuvi Station and URL Gateway?

We are updating Ruuvi Station to ensure the background scanning works on all Androids, @lauri are we looking for beta testers? Most reliable option is to use something else than Android for background scanning, for example the live demo at uses Raspberry Pi.

We’re also working on a ESP32-based dongle which would scan and relay data to the Internet.

OK, thanks, will try out raspberry pi.
Feedback from IoTool says that this might be Android 9 specific problem, that they will save battery to aggressively on some BLE devices. Will try out some older Android soon.

I have some problem with action in iotool. Send SMS has disappear due to new policy of google to send SMS.
I 've try to send en email , but the send test is always in error. I wrote my smtp server port 25 and the account and password, but it didn’t work !

Any idea to communicate outside the smarphone which is connected to the ruuvi beacon ?

@IoTool_io I went through the instructions and couldn’t get data from my RuuviTag. I tested URL mode, RAWv1 mode and RAWv2 mode. I can see the MAC address of the tag in sensor selection menu and plot data from accelerometer in my tablet.

How I could debug this? My device is Android 8.1 Galaxy Tab A 2016 model.

Hello. You need to:

  1. have extension installed (Settings / Sensors / Install a new sensor extension)
  2. then you need to select the MAC (Settings / Sensors / RuuviTag BLE Beacon / Choose the BLE Beacon Ruuvi Tag…).
  3. The result is MAC address (Settings / Sensors / RuuviTag BLE Beacon / BLE Beacon RuuviTag MAC)
  4. Then you need to assign buttons in dashboard (Settings / Dashboard / Dashboard profiles / RuuviTag or RuuviTag RAW). This will assign 3 buttons with temp, pressure and Humidity
  5. Alternativelly you can extend number of buttons (up to 20) and combine different sensors
  6. Goto to Dashboard and press Play

I’ve just tried this and added internal accelerometer. Pic attached.

In case that you still have problem, mail me to and we will organize a short Skype call.

Thanks, I was missing the Dashboard profile activation step. I’ll update the instructions so people will use the RAWv1 mode on their new tags.

We have updated data format RAWv2 available so I’m going through the tutorials to make sure they’re up to date :slight_smile:


Do you know why site is down?

No, but we have seen unusual amount of attacks on websites lately. Maybe they got DDOSed.

I have done all the defines steps in instructions with two different Samsung Android phones. But for some reason when I press Play -button with IoTool, it does not receive any messages/data. The firmware is the latest, I have triple-checked everything. :thinking: I´m really puzzled. I was wondering, would this be caused the whole site is down.

Probably yes

Is this project dead? I installed IoTool on Android phone but when I try to add the extension, it is not found :o

I think the project is dead. Why Ruuvi keep it on their web its a question to Ruuvi

We looked into this last year, at the time the project was reorganizing their app to comply with Google guidelines. Thank’s for the followup, we check what’s the status today