IOTA Data Marketplace

This topic is to comment RuuviLab tutorial:

Questions? Did you already setup a new sensor stream? Tell us about it!

Is there any instructions avilable at this moment over sharing ruuvitag data in IOTA marketplace?


IOTA Foundation asked us to not yet share the code we used for IOTA marketplace demo publicly as the marketplace wasn’t ready for public access.

It’s been along time since then, and the APIs we used might have changed. Does the IOTA Foundation have the APIs online somewhere? If yes, I think I could open the code we used back then.

Hello Otso,

I found several articles from IOTA about how to share data in the marketplace and it’s officially open for use on this site:

You can find an open guide how to share data in the marketplace here as well:

It will be awesome if you heve an up-to-date guide here with ruuvitag

Thanks for the links, the code we had is definitely outdated by now.
I think the way to go forward would be to become a Service Provider and provide Sensor Data as linked in the blog.

There’s is NodeJS code for reading RuuviTag data at , last time we integrated to the PoC marketplace setting things up was really straightforward.

I’m not sure if the IOTA foundation has the community projects still going, back in the day it was possible to get small grants for working on community projects such as integrating into IOTA marketplace. We’re ourselves pretty fully booked with the upcoming products so we probably cannot update the project we had in the next few months.