iOS widget stuck with "loading"

Hi all. Anyone having experience with iOS widget (the one on the lock screen) from the Ruuvi Station app being stuck with a “loading…” message ?
All worked for weeks then it seems broken. I share the sensor with my spouse and she has the same. I use a Ruuvi Gateway.

Unsure what to do…
Thanks !

Hi @starcrest ,

Have you checked if your Ruuvi Gateway is connected to internet and measurements are being sent to Ruuvi Cloud? You can check this by signing in to Ruuvi Station WebUI Station - Ruuvi and see if the last seen times are updating.

If the values are updating in Ruuvi Cloud, then you might want to try to sign out from Ruuvi Station on your mobile and sign in again, then create a new widget.

If this doesn’t solve the issue for you, please write to us at and we will check what else could be wrong.