Ionic BLE error

Hi, I want to read the data from the ruuvi sensor using my own app but when I connect to it using cordova plugin ble it just returns me an arrayBuffer that I cant read. Can some one help ?

Base 64 from path : ZoneAwarePromise {__zone_symbol__state: null, __zone_symbol__value: Array(0)}__zone_symbol__state: true__zone_symbol__value: "data:text/html;base64,PCFET0NUWVBFIGh0bWw+DQo8aHRSymbol(Symbol.species): (…)Symbol(Symbol.toStringTag): (…)[[Prototype]]: Objectcatch: ƒ catch(onRejected)constructor: class ZoneAwarePromisefinally: ƒ finally(onFinally)then: ƒ then(onFulfilled, onRejected)Symbol(Symbol.species): (…)Symbol(Symbol.toStringTag): (…)get Symbol(Symbol.species): ƒ Symbol.speciesget Symbol(Symbol.toStringTag): ƒ Symbol.toStringTag[[Prototype]]: Object

Hexadecimal Data: 52757576692041324246
Read Uint32 Value: 1987409234


It seems to me that you don’t have the whole advertisement here, the value 52757576692041324246 would be “Ruuvi A2BF” which is the human-readable name of the RuuviTag sensor you have.

Once you have the full advertisement, please take a look at Bluetooth advertisements - docs on how to parse the data, most likely your data is in RAWv2 / data format 5.