Initial setup of device with DevKit

we built completely new PCB based on ruuvitag. First problem we faced is how to perform initial setup (bootloader etc) of new device. We have DevKit and because our PCB is with different placing, we can’t put our device on the top of ruuvitag shield, so we connected DevKit and new device directly (wires connected to header on DevKit and soldered on device side.

Can you please with initial device setup. Can we execute initial setup with Segger Embeded Studio and J-link for all components (bootloader, soft device and app) or we should take another approach?

Thx in advance,



Regarding your “wire to DevKit” problem: have you considered having pads on your board for a or legged version

In this moment we are using DIY cable for connection and we will order a tag-connect, but real and urgent issue is how to perform initial bootloader and application deployment to “blank” device.

Hello @sbajsic,

Our blog post and latest makefile at might be helpful to you.

Nordic Semiconductor also has a lot of resources which are valid for all nRF52 devices.

Please also note when making your own devices, especially related to certifications and open-source licensing of derived products.