InfluxDB gives bad timestamp error

I followed the guide Connecting Ruuvi Gateway to a Private Server (Connecting Ruuvi Gateway to a Private Server - Ruuvi) and got everything working relatively easily but running the node /lib/src/index.js returns a parsing error

“unable to parse ‘raw_measurement,mac=E3:FD:DA:EC:8F:5E,gateway_id=EE:69:4E:90:09:C1,dataFormat=5 accelerationX=0.02,accelerationY=0.012,accelerationZ=1.048,batteryVoltage=2.795,humidity=60.855,measurementSequenceNumber=4449i,movementCounter=67i,rssi=-29i,temperature=23.975,txPower=4i NaN’: bad timestamp”

The usage for this is server room temperature monitoring and I’d like to get it to work with Grafana.

Hi, thanks for your message, maybe @Alexey would have an idea about solution for this?

Hi @AchtiWedhest,

I tried the steps from the guide and found no issues.
I added some logs to clarify what’s going on. Could you replace ‘src/influx.ts’ with this patched file? (1.9 KB)
Then you need to perform the steps:

npm run-script build
node lib/src/index.js

Hi @Alexey,

Thank you for the prompt respond, this seemed to fix the issue thank you very much!