Impressions from a first time user

Hi guys!
Just got my ruuvitag 3-pack, and decided to share some observations:

  1. Upon delovery there seemed to be some old-ish firmware on my RuuviTags as RuuviStation refused to offer any graphs to me. As was recommended I downloaded& installed Decode to find what the firmware version is, but it only gave me the MAC addresses of the RuuviTags, not the firmware version. Can’t say, why.
  2. Anyhow, I went for the 3.29.3 (update drom 2.x), and tried to install it on 2 RuuviTags at once. And failed. They seemed to go into some kind of loop (red diode kept burning). So I repeated the process individually, and it worked fine.
  3. Turns out, when in graph mode (iOS 14.4) I can’t swithch between my 3 RuuviTags by swiping left/right. Must go to the current numerical values screen, and only from there I can switch between RuuviTags. Not a big problem, but it would be nice to be able to switch between the RuuviTags in graph mode as well.
  4. With default settings and 3 RuuviTags to serve, RuuviStation is a battery hog. I can see now why the people invest in RasPi + InfluxDB + Grafana. Will probably do the same.
    All in all though, I am quite happy with my RuuviTags now. Will see what the future brings :slight_smile:

On android. I updated tags one by one right away, then opened Ruuvi station. All good.

  1. Yeah agree.

  2. On android background scanning at 1min does not consume much battery. I do not notice notable difference to before.