IFTTT for Ruuvi beacons. Simple management dashboard to integrate Ruuvi into your mobile app

Hi all, so I’ve been working on adding Ruuvi beacons to our SpotSense web app and SDK (http://spotsense.io/beacons.html) as proximity beacons.

It’s a beacon management dashboard that acts as a simple “if this then that for proximity beacons” (i.e if an app user enters the range of the beacon → Trigger a notification and send the “enter” event to Mixpanel). Since the Ruuvitag has a bunch of different sensors on it, I’m thinking of adding sensor readings as a trigger on the platform i.e if the temperature falls below 32° → Send event to my Amazon S3 bucket, etc.

This is a snapshot of the dashboard view so far. After adding the SpotSense SDK to your mobile app -> adding your Ruuvitag, you can control what you want to happen when a user comes in contact with the device. Here I have it sending the beacon_region_enter event to Segment (www.segment.com) where I can integrate it into over 200 other destinations.

This started out as a geofencing platform but having it as an easy way to manage your Ruuvitags as well. It fits in well with the current platform and would be super fun to have if you want to get started with Ruuvi.

We’re going to launching a beta here soon with the full beacon functionality and would love to get your input. If you’re interested in trying it with your Ruuvitags, sign up for the waitlist on the SpotSense website!

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Are you using this with standard firmware or with the Eddystone for Ruuvi?

Eddystone for Ruuvi right now for proximity purposes (it’s formatted in the UID instead of URL). Basically just monitoring for the namespace ID. But if we’re going to use the sensor readings as well we’ll probably switch to the URL format.

Is using the URL format strictly required on your platform? The manufacturer specific formats can use the transmission data more effectively, so there’s better resolution and more data available for the users.

We’re also planning to phase out the URL format off the factory firmware, but current firmware will remain available as installable version in a same way as Eddystone does.

Which manufacturer formats are you referring to? We’ve been using the Eddystone UID because it is pretty easy to grab the unique namespace ID and monitor for that through the mobile device (for proximity purposes). However we will need to switch that if we want to grab the sensor readings of the Ruuvitag as well. What format would you recommend we flash to the Ruuvitag if we want to get those sensor readings from a mobile device?

I would recommend 2.5.7-beta, as it is a release candidate for factory firmware: https://lab.ruuvi.com/dfu The default format is RAWv2, full details are available here: https://github.com/ruuvi/ruuvi-sensor-protocols/blob/master/dataformat_05.md

The data format has Mac address of the tag in payload, so iOS devices can detect them too. There are ready parsers for iOS and in Java

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This will work perfect. Thanks Otso. I even have the dashboard designed to set changes in sensor data as event triggers once you implement the SpotSense SDK. Check it out!

Work in progress for sure but hopefully we can get it up and running soon! It you want to test it out you can sign up for the waitlist here

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