IDEA: Mail alarm?


It is possible to make mailbox alarm. (acceleration sensor)

Can i get somekind of indication if my mailbox open and that generate alarm to my phone?

So i know when i go outside and check my bills… :slight_smile:

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Yes I think that would be possible, I am actually looking at doing something quite similar,
use RuuviTag to detect when a door/window moves and inform about it. Could work for an alarm system. It does require the firmware to be changed though.


@Vee Thanks for the idea.

We’re already working on a new tutorial which is a bit similar to this. This kind of motion alarm sensor could be used to count for example how many times a hotel’s door has been opened when you were gone.

I will move this topic to the User Projects category now. Instructions how to add ideas:


You might want to check this post

I created this app for Raspberry Pi and NodeJS:

It uses Pushbullet to push notifications to user’s phone.