I RuuviTaged my bagpipe

Hey folks,

This is the funny and unusual project I’m currently working on: collect humidity, pressure and temperature inside and outside my bagpipe.

Bagpipe is an instrument which is very sensible. The sound produced by the chanter and the drones changes depending on the temperature, humidity and pressure inside the bag and outside. As you blow in your bag you are heating the air inside, increasing humidity and varying the pressure.

As I want to better understand what exactly happens in the bag I put a ruuvitag inside my sheepskin bag, one on the bass drone and one more inside the case. I use the Android app to collect data which are sent to a metric plateforme on the cloud through a personal python gateway.

Here is the project dashboard: https://bagpipe.lestang.fr



Hehe this is indeed a funny and unusual project :smiley: Thanks for sharing

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