Humidity isn't shown after battery change

After replacing the battery on my Ruuvi Tag, the humidity and air pressure isn’t shown in the Iphone app. Any ideas why?


It sounds like your tag can’t read the humidity and air pressure sensor for some reason after change. You can try removing and reinserting the battery to power cycle entire board.

It’s also possible that sensor has been damaged somehow while changing battery, but usually damage is seen as incorrect sensor readings. It happens mostly if some salt gets inside the sensor element, e.g. a drop of sweat falls on sensor opening.

Try reinserting the battery, and if that doesn’t help please attach as good picture as possible of the board so we might see any signs of damage.

Thanks, I tried reinserting the battery, but that didn’t help.

Here is a picture of the board.

Thanks for the picture.

There is some kind of bluish material near nRF52 towards the battery, I think that is some sort of corrosion or contamination. That’s probably the root cause for humidity sensor not working.

Hmm, weird. The sensor has only been used indoors in a dry place. It then started showing alarms for humidity even though there was no change in humidity. That is why I changed the battery, because I thought that was the problem. Any chance that this is covered by warranty in anyway?

Any chance that this is covered by warranty in anyway?

Please contact, link this conversation and if you have the receipt of purchase in your email attach the receipt. We’ll figure out the next steps together